Sneaky Peanut Butter

As I have mentioned before, my kids are super stubborn and picky eaters.  So I always am trying to sneak at least one thing into their food.  Today I was sneaky with their peanut butter and honey sandwiches!  Yes… you can totally sneak something into this simple dish.

flax seed peanut butter.JPG

My kids got an extra dose of fiber and omega-3 vitamins today!  All it takes is a little sprinkle of ground flaxseed as you are spreading the peanut butter.  It mixes right in and they don’t even notice a thing!

flax seed peanut butter and fruit

Next to that I served up some XOXO and heart apples with some sliced grapes!  It is very frustrating trying to feel like a good mom and getting your kids any possible nutrients you can, but today I felt like I got a little bit of a mom win!  Do what you can and know you are an awesome mom!



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