Crossed that Finish Line

I ran my first ever 5K, and crossing that finish line meant more than you’ll ever know.

All my life I have hated running.  I was knocked down so much as a kid, especially when it came to pounding my feet to the pavement.  Even my teachers were not supportive and terrorized me.  I grew really fast as a pre-teen.  I mean 6 inches in one year fast!  This created some physical difficulties for me including using crutches for a while.  My knees could barely handle the pressure and I never knew how to combat it.  But I was still forced to run, so I just kept pushing on while everyone tore me down.  So naturally I have always been afraid of running.

A couple months back I was presented with the opportunity to sign up with some friends for The Color Run, the happiest 5K on the planet.  Throughout this last year I have been trying to better myself and not cower to fear, so I immediately jumped at it.  It was at that moment I decided this fun silly run was going to be my starting point.  I was going to conquer my fear.  And I did it!  With flying colors I might add!  Literally!  Ok, bad joke… but it really did end up amazing!

Although every single one of us got a medal, I still felt like a winner.  I won one of my own battles!  This run got me going in the right direction, and even got me out of the house to run in the evenings to prepare for it.  I was someone who feared and hated running, and now I honestly enjoy it!  Who knew?

During the run we would jog in and out of people like a maze, and it felt invigorating for me.  It may sound silly, but sometimes the small things are the big things.  I ended that day accomplishing something very important for me.  It symbolized overcoming all my obstacles I put in front of myself.  No excuse is strong enough anymore, because I know I can win.  I can beat my fear.

So, with that I want to encourage others to do the same.  I want you to pick a battle and face it.  And to add onto that, pick a fun race to do with some friends and imagine that finish line is your trial.  You can cross it! Even if your run turns out to be a walk. There is a reason this page is called, Run to fight for Change.  It’s not just about physically running but embracing our strength and running with it.  We need to push forward and conquer our own fears. In a prior post I wrote,

“This is how we need to live our lives.  Although we should slow down and experience the world around us, we also need to run.  We need to run after those experiences and our passions.  We need to run for positive change in the world and our lives.”

But the only way to do this is with back up of course.  Get a group together.  We all have fears and trials to beat.  Go have some fun and cross that finish line together!  If that finish line includes being attacked with glitter and chalk like mine, even better!  Because life is supposed to be fun.

Join team #run2fight4change and show everyone you can beat your fears and trials.  If you feel inclined, please share a photo of your finish line on our facebook page and encourage others to fight as well.